ALCYM in a nutshell,
Creation in 2009 by J.Dachaud.
First focus on Green-Tech Innovative Products.
Now handling Custom Product Development.
Active International customer in Life Sciences.
Familiar with Medical and Miniaturization.
Competitive Partners for Manufacturing.


RDV Carnot

Alcym will be at the RDV Carnot in Lyon, the 17&18 october

En savoir plus

BPI Excellence

ALCYM is member of "BPI Excellence" and "Pôle Véhicule du Futur"


Advantageous direct tax credit in France.
Thanks to our accreditation you can recover benefits on all our R&D Services.


ALCYM is an Engineering Consulting Company endowed with 4 motivated people combining outstanding skills and strong experience, for instance in Mechanics, Electronics and Software.

This versatility, enhanced with a talented partnership, enables ALCYM to put forward its Engineering Services and Manufacturing capabilities to handle complex Product Development or High-tech Production.

Whenever useful, ALCYM is open to external collaboration, typically to share responsibilities or introduce new specialists or simply increase our resource capacity.


  • Capital… 322’000€
  • Facility… Offices, Production Hall (200 m2), Storage.
  • Equipment… PC, Electronic Laboratory, Mechanical Workshop access.


  • Plurality… Multi-faceted Vision, Extended skills, Relationship.
  • Creativity… Innovative, Smart Thinking, High-tech Culture, Open mind.
  • Experience… Background, Accomplishments, References (medical & international).
  • Discipline… Integrity, Care, Methodology, Good Practices, Quality.
  • Customer Focus… Special unique Design, Communication, Satisfaction.


[2012-2015] Active collaboration with a customer world renowned in Micro-biology.
Completion of several innovative projects, for instance multi-axes Pipetting Robot (blood sampling), Laboratory Instrumentation (food analysis) and other Mechatronic devices.
Full Development according custom specifications including activities on Mechanical design, Electronic boards, Liquid Handling (Pipetting, Pumping) and Embedded Software (command, acquisition, interfacing).

[2013] In the frame of a community project in the lead of Ademe,ambitioning for thermal energy recovery, co-development of an electric linear generator to be associated with a specific hot air motor based on Ericsson principle (Stirling declination).

[2011-2014] Supported by BPI France to encourage French Innovation, Development of an Grid-tie Hybrid Inverter (3400W dual) for renewable energy, properly collecting and transforming electricity coming from a wind turbine and/or photovoltaic panel for reinjection on 230 VAC public grid (fees according contract with supplier) or direct consumption. The specificity of our inverter (making it original and unique) is the wind and solar duality which motivate the synergy and convergence of natural energies within a single product. Technically speaking, our inverter can rely on a safe and reliable construction and takes advantage of an MPPT function (Maximum Power Point Tracking) on each inputs, optimized either for wind or photovoltaic, leading to a final efficiency >95%.

[2010] Design of smart miniature devices (sensors) including Micro-fluidic (1 mm channels, distribution vanes, syringes-pistons, serpentines) and optical detection.

[2009-2010] Development of Powerful LED Driver (up to 140 W) initially on behalf of Philips, later on completed to maturity in self-financing and finally assigned to Merem for sales.Technically speaking ahead of its time, this 230VAC LED Driver includes a current regulation and a PWM regulation (Pulse Wave Modulation) for optimal performances but also an extra 10-100% Dimming (smart and comfortable attenuation) and all electrical safety (CE galvanic insulation).

[2009] Creation of ALCYM (SARL) at the instigation of Jacques Dachaud, ex CEO of Statice during more than 30 years, with the following ambition :
1) Initiate development of new innovative products dedicated to Renewable Energies ;
2) Move forward with development of customized products in Mechatronics ;
3) Integrate a Manufacturing activity in a near future, ideally aligned with our design works.