Intelligence Communication

Mobility, Transport
Infrastructure, Tools, M2M
Automation, Multimedia
Supervision, Security

Components of our modern life,
Communication and artificial Intelligence are
gently swarming most of our objects, still
offering more control and friendliness.

ALCYM has an active participation in
this evolution closely linked to the
progress of Electronics and IT Computing,
and also to the democratization of networks
such as Internet.


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Communications and artificial Intelligence have become key components of our modernity.

At the beginning, radio and television were content to just broadcast information.

The revolution has come from the computer equipped with new electronic resources and thus offering a real interaction.

Nowadays, almost all our everyday objects are being enhanced with sensors, functionalities and further intelligence for a better control and friendliness.

This new perspective and fascinating means definitively boost all communications : human communications via machines, communications with machines and communications between machines or things (machine slowly taking place of an interlocutor in his own right).

The breakthrough of Communications and Intelligence is based on irrefutable arguments, starting with Friendliness, Interaction and continuing with Dynamism and Security :

+ Friendliness, Interaction : information sharing, tracking, exchange, performances optimization, personal configuration.
+ Dynamism : drive control, fast response (accelerated flows, Live), setting, tuning, programming, upgrading.
+ Security : measurement, monitoring, supervision, protection, warning, efficiency, reliability.

In front of this willpower, making machines more and more programmable and things more and more communicative, the range of applications is wide open, including for instance :

> Mobility, together with Transport and connected Infrastructures,
> Telecommunications and Multimedia, carried forward by Telephony and Internet.
> Supervision, focused on Control and Security.
> Internet of things or M2M.

The source of this evolution is obviously linked to the development of Electronics and IT Computing.

Here skilled and clever, ALCYM appears as a valuable partner to handle your future Developments, willing to make your objects more innovative with communication and intelligence.

Below is an overview of our concerns and services related to this segment :


Processing Processor (Mother board, System) Performances, Functions, Environment, Cost
Storage Memory (RAM, Hard Disk, Flash) Capacity, Velocity, Reliability, Cost
Movements Actuators (electrical, pneumatic,…) Performances, Environment, Integration, Cost
Mesurements Sensors (analog, digital,…) Accuracy, Environment, Integration, Cost
Peripherals Interfaces, Camera, Printer,… Need, Specifications, Performances

Modes Bus & Protocoles (RS232, UART, I2C, USB) Speed, Priority, Security, Interruptions
Peripherals Interfaces (Connections & Cabling) Speed, Design, Access, Reliability
Users Interfaces (Screens, Smartphone,…) Friendlyness, Ergonomics, Reliability
Externals Internet, Radio (M2M) Specifications, Network, Security

Analog Components & Electronic Boards Filtering, Amplification, Comparison, Levelling
Digital Processor, Memory & Program Adressing, Filtering, Counting, Processing
Conversion Components & Program (A/D - D/A) Sensitivity, Sampling, Frequency, Ratio

Data Variables (names, reading, writting) Type, Setting, Resolution
Architecture Logigram (modules, functions, loops) Functionalities, Test, Readability, Debug
Language Object (C,C++), Graphic (LabView),… Specifications, Functionalities, Conveniences
Routines Programming (functions, processing) Specifications, Class order, Debug

Modulation Digital Sitching (PWM) Accuracy, Frequency, Processing
Regulation Analog Servo-control (encoder, PID) Accuracy, Speed, Stability, Hysteresis
Motion Profiles Programming (typical curves) Dynamic, Vibrations, Noise

Mesurement Sensors, Aquisition (inputs) Components, Conditions, Sensitivity
Analysis Processing (calculation, comparison) References, Frequency, Resources
Reporting Warning (light, message, ringtone) References, Safety, Standards