Mechatronics MicroSystems

Complex Systems, Robotic
Transport, Aeronautics, Space
Miniaturization, Control, Sensors

Mechatronics and Microsystems are responding
to an optimization process including integration of
skills and technologies and miniaturization where

This collective design approach based on functions,
is leading to complex and efficient systems,
characterized by motion capability and intelligence,
including potentially Mechanics, actuators,
Electronics and Software.

Featuring its polyvalence and cohesion, enhanced
with a meticulous project management, ALCYM is
pointing out in this innovative design offering infinite


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Mixing skills and technologies at their respective scale for design optimization, Mechatronics and MicroTechnics have nowadays become especially fashion in our modern world, highlighting performances, intelligence and miniaturization.

Initially motivated by moving a mechanism, Mechatronics naturally came down to the introduction of sensors, actuators and driving Electronic around a Mechanical construction.

Nowadays, responding to a deeper optimization purpose, the process and composition is much more subtle and sophisticated, requiring discipline, reflection and coordination. For instance, here is a reminder of fundamental good practices:

> Preparation ahead (scope, specifications, functional analysis)
> Project Management high level (wide vision, coordination of players, planning)
> Transverse Organization and Synergies (communication between core businesses, experience feedback, progress sharing)
> Reflection force focused on functions and processes (technological and economical optimization)
> Design complexity Control (harmonization, appreciation of general reliability and safety)

Real opportunity for progressing and standing out from the competition, Mechatronics and MicroTechnics are giving key advantages, starting with Innovation and Performances, and continuing with Intelligence, Economical aspect and Safety.

+ Innovation : open mind, new synergies, skills cluster, focus on functions, tuning, customization.
+ Performances : summary, engineering, perfecting, maturity, accuracy, efficiency, miniaturization, scalable.
+ User Friendly : communication (mobility, connectivity), interactions (ergonomics, control, display), intelligence (embedded software).
+ Economical : clustering, harmonization, industrialization, design control (relevancy, compliance, risk and cost analyses).
+ Quality-Safety : project management, design control (reviews, justification), supervision (check, feedback, monitoring, warning).

Examples and accomplishments are resolutely entering our daily life : in medical there are active implants (like artificial heart) or surgery assistance instruments, in robotics there are automatic mowers or drones, in telecommunication there are smart phones or LiFi lighting (LED communication).

Promoting its polyvalence and microtechnical culture, enhanced with a meticulous project management and a talented partnership, ALCYM is naturally proficient to handle such complex and innovative design compositions, contributing to unrivalled products and new added value.

Dealing with these disciplines, below is a synopsis of our common considerations and attentions :

PROJECT MECHANICS Integration, Interfacing Interactions, other modules 3D Modelling, Optimization
Structure, Frame Stiffness, Accuracy, Thermal Design, Simulations, Materials
Design, Housing Visual, Ergonomic, Touching Design, Materials, Finishing
Security Angles, Earth Continuity, EMC Finishing, Protection, Tests
Assembly Mounting, Check, Maintenance Instructions, Simulation, Tooling
Integration, Interfacing Interactions, Components Modélisation, Optimisation, Layout
Actuactors, Sensors Dynamic, Accuracy, Space Components, Modelling, Testing
Power Supply, Cabling Power, Consumption, Mobility Components, Connectic, Routing
Command, Treatment Signals, Analogic-Logic Microprocessor, Schematic, Boards
Security, Robustness Environment, Standards, EMC Insulation, Protection, Test

Interactions Processor, Commands Language, Variables, Screens
Communication Speed, Interactivity, Security Language, Protocol, Program
Driving, Digital Control Functions, Treatment, Timing Architecture, Routines, Program
Security, Reliability Debug, Failures, Standards Writting, Reviews, Qualification
Mechanical Design Sizing, Resistance, Friction Design, Components, Materials
Electronic Design Sizing, Consumption, Thermal Components, PCB Layout, Techno
Assembly Handling, Constraints Gluing, Soledering, Tooling
Miniaturization Compacity, Friction Components, Construction, Process
PROCESS Design Integration, Reliability, Costs Reviews, Analyses, Optimization.
Usual Technics Shape, Tolerances, Costs Machining, Sheet Metal, Molding.
MicroTechnics Shape, Sharpness, Size, Costs Stamping, Cutting (wire), Molding.
Metrology Accuracy, Risk, Criticity Control, Measuring, Testing.
Assembly Freedom, Reliability, Time Tooling, Instructions, Training
Manufacturing Process Feasibility, Optimization, Cost Consulting, Simulation, Prototyping
ElectroMagnetism Actuators, Sensors Calculation, Modelling, Design
Numerical Simulation Mechanical, Heat, Fluidic Review, Finite Element Simulation
Lab Measurement Robustness, EMC, Standards Analyses, Measuring, Stress, Trials
Qualification Verification & Validation Demonstration, Testing, Trials
Internet Communication, Interactions Consulting, Special Design
QUALITY Management Organization, Standards Methodology, Planning, Control
Specifications Customer, User, Standards URS, Specifications, Life cycle
Analyses Functions, Risk, Reliability Functional Analysis, FMEA
Qualification Verification & Validation Reviews, Testing, Trials
Documentation Definition, Traceability Technical File, Records