Automation, Instrumentation

Life sciences, MicroBiology
Experimentation, Testing
Measurement, Process Control

Lab Automation & Instrumentation deals with
complex systems including Mechanical Structure,
Electronic Driving Boards and embedded Software.

Our breadth of understanding, competences and
experience and our full design responsibility shall be
a good assurance and advantage.


RDV Carnot

Alcym will be at the RDV Carnot in Lyon, the 17&18 october

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BPI Excellence

ALCYM is member of "BPI Excellence" and "Pôle Véhicule du Futur"


Advantageous direct tax credit in France.
Thanks to our accreditation you can recover benefits on all our R&D Services.

Reproduce gesture combining accuracy, speed and safety, is the aim of Automation like Robotics, arising in recent years to assist human being.

Motivations and rewards are large and evident, starting with Productivity gain and continuing with Quality and Comfort improvements.

+ Productivity : increase Production Rates, extend Experiments, optimize Costs.
+ Safety : Control (operations framework), lower Human Exposure, Qualification.
+ Quality : Analysis, Expertise, Robustness, Repeatability (vs fatigue), Monitoring, Traceability.
+ Comfort : Assistance, Convenience, Strictness, Interactivity, Customization.

Measure and Monitor physical phenomena combining accuracy and reliability, is the mission of Instrumentation for a better insurance and a better control.

In concrete terms, it deals with complex systems including most often a mechanical structure, linkages, actuators (motors), instruments, sensors, drive and control part (PC, microprocessor, electronic boards), energy management (power supply) as well as software intelligence (embedded software, control), interfacing (visual, consumables) and communication (exchange, data management).

Modestly but with strong experience and proven accomplishments, ALCYM is gathering all expertise for design and production of such complex systems dedicated to Automation and Instrumentation.

MECHANICS Structure, Static Forces, Stiffness, Distortion Construction, Simulations, Analyses.
Kinematic, Dynamic Accuracy, Robustness, Vibrations Linkages, Guidances, Actuators.
Resistance, Durability Environment, Wear, Maintenance Materials, Coating, Constuction.
Feeling, Ergonomics Visual, Noise, Manipulations Design, Conception, Démonstrateur.
Safety Access, Agressivity Shapes, Finishing, Protection.
Power supply, Cabling Power, Heating, Mobility Investigations, Components, Routing.
Driving Command Accuracy, Speed, Double-Check Actuators, Dedicated Board, Treatment
Communication Mode, Infos, Débit, Interactivité Connectique, Interfaces, Protocole.
Acquisition, Measure Signals, Accuracy Analyse, Specific Board, Treatment.
EMC Compatibility Sensitivity, Immunity, Radiation Design, Filtering, Shielding, Trials.
Safety Protection, Standards Design, Insulation, Components.
SOFTWARE Programming Aims, Performances Language (LabView, C), Writting.
Architecture Functionalities, Visibility Description, Structure, Routines.
Reliability, Safety Requirements, Rules, Standards Writting, Check, Warning, Debug.
Communication Protocol, Interaction Presentation, Screens, Messages.
QUALITY Management Organization, Communication Methodology, Planning, Reviews.
Specifications User, Customer, Technical Needs URS, Functional Analysis.
Analyses, Qualification Risk Analyses, Conformity Reviews, Evaluations, FMEA, Testing.
Documentation Understanding, Definition Design Reports, Technical File.